HRBN President’s Welcome

Friends and Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honor and a great responsibility for me and the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses, to organize the 8th Pan-Hellenic and 7th Pan-European Scientific and Professional Nursing Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 7th – 10th, 2015. We are convinced that this Conference will give us the opportunity to carry out a constructive scientific discussion that will meet our needs and expectations.

The aim of this Conference is dual: promoting and enhancing the continuous improvement of training of people who are actively involved in the health field, and especially those who dedicate themselves to nursing services across Europe while also empowering and transferring their knowledge, experience and expertise as well as the exchange of best practices.

We are all invited to this Conference, scientific personnel and teaching staff, nurses, people engaged in the health field as well as students, in order to promote and highlight our multilateral and vital role in the health system providing a) high quality nursing services, b) our tangible contribution to social solidarity, and finally c) our contribution to the development of Nursing Science, the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of best practices.

The great success of the previous Conferences guides us to this year’s effort. Our ambition is, therefore, that the 8th Pan-Hellenic and 7th Pan-European, Scientific and Professional Nursing Conference will be equally successful and contribute not only to the continuous training of the personnel, but also to raise the interest towards all important issues that concern the Nursing Community.

Last but not least, we invite you to follow this challenging path together. We firmly believe that staying united, remaining focused on our visions, planning our future steps in the most organized way, we can highlight and promote the value of our science into society and prove that we are able to provide answers and viable solutions.

Apart from the scientific tasks of the Conference, all participants will have the opportunity to join cultural events as well as to experience multiple recreation activities.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Thessaloniki.

The President of the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses

Dimitrios Skoutelis